Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've got eight drive platters and a microphone...

I vant to suck your signalZOMG, a second blog entry in a week, posted before Jamie could see the first! Okay, really this is to show off two photos, the second of which I didn't take. At right is the new and improved WiFi booster antenna developed from the prototype seen a couple days ago. It's not elegant but it's shiiiny and functional. So what it is: I took a regular slim CD case, folded it open, covered the inside with aluminum foil, hot-glued a couple Twis-Ties to the corners so the WiFi card can act as a tripod to hold the antenna up, and did some cutting/filing so that the case would close flat. If you looked at the video linked in the previous post, these are variations from what the Turkish guy advised -- gluing the case into a 90° angle permanently which reduces its ease of portability, foiling what was the outside of the case, and constantly having to prop the antenna up somehow. I've only given it a test run from the end of my driveway, I haven't gone out looking for trouble, but it works and unlike the model shown online it can be folded up and put away in the computer's totebag.

For an actual stupidity, this one just became evident about half an hour ago: As you may know, on Sept 1 the skanky people across the street moved out of the hovel. The owners of the hovel are again trying to rent it out, initially without doing any work on the place first but I think they saw the light so there have been some workers in at random intervals to do various things. Okay, so I'm sitting here and a pickup hauling a hot-tub backs into that driveway, and four people get out. The magnetic sign on the truck says they're a hot-tub installer but also do verandas. They go in the front door, wander through the house, go out the back door and look at the back yard (the renters of 20 years had an above-ground pool back there which they took with them, so basically the back yard is a large round hole surrounded by tall grass and weeds), and then three of them leave with the hot tub and the fourth starts in on painting the master bedroom. My wife and I said to each other, "how can they be planning a hot-tub when they need a new bathtub?" [See that house's bathroom for what I mean.] Okay, to be honest, we don't know what the plan is, or if they were just friends coming to see the house rather than a professional call, but we have no doubt that with all the lipstick the owners have applied to that pig corpse of a house (the neighbor says they plan to replace the roof; that's long overdue since it's concave on one side) beautifying the back yard would come before fixing the inside.

The Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul site had its November update, y'all.

Okay, now for something especially for my bud The Illiterate: After we were shoved out of gracefully left vee-zed-dub for more competent cellular teledildonics technical support management, there was a large backfill that should have required the use of more office space but, true to form, dub-dee-ass couldn't get authorization from the vendor for more equipment. So here's what their office looks like now... and aren't you glad you're not still there?:
could Natosha please share a desk with me?

Are they putting the hot tub in the middle of the crater?

Perhaps they should use a giant divot like that to host fights between live birds, or nerds with polymer swords .

As for the checkmark, I did leave gracefully. I spent another year at the same offices playing for the pink team before I started my current gig fixing "the tubes". Or rather, the sphincter that keeps the tubes out of your home computer.

Those guys do look familiar, but I guess it's in a generically nerdish way. Maybe we all do look the same?
Or it could be live birds against live nerds with polymer swords -- sort of a re-enactment of the falcon scene from Karateka. Yaaa!

I was speaking about my own hasty departure but as you know there were some mislaid priorities within "the network". And we only all look the same because in the Seattle tech scene it's usually the same people, place to place. If the theory needs to be proven, say the name Tøbeÿ Cøøk at any call center that employs more than ten phone monkeys and see who reacts. (Bonus points if it's Tøbeÿ himself. Which has happened to me twice.)
Nice use of characters to avoid teh Googling.

When did search engines stop being a way to find culture, and start driving it?
I'll read your previous post next.
Wow, TWO posts!!!!!
What has come over you???


I remember seeing that hitonious bathroom.
We have some friends in CA who've rented a house for the past decade. The landlords know they struck gold with them because they keep the house looking immaculate, and our friend is a painter by trade, so the house is always freshly painted inside and out. That hovel across from you should be burned down. I dare you.

Happy Halloween to you and Paige!!!!!!
Illiterate: January 18, 1995 - the day Yahoo! bought its domain name.

Jamie: You wanted to read, you get to read. :) I agree but I'm not gonna say that publicly. :-D We'll be avoiding the hooligans if we can get dressed... we didn't get out of bed until 4pm.
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