Friday, February 06, 2009

in case of emergency: scream a lot, it feels good

Hi there. There isn't a lot to report about the world we live in and life in general, though I am probably overlooking something, but it is blog update time and I don't want to let the lot of you down. Right now I'm downloading a well-known software bundle that most new computers have preinstalled, which I cannot name because I don't really need the attention, but I think you know the one... you've seen the commercials with the guy in a suit and a bearded young man in casual clothes, which start off with the two announcing what form of computer they are? And the eventual message is that the latest major release by the suited guy has been somewhat of a disaster? Yeah, those ads, and that new product. Clover Creek Restoration Project But not for me, of course, it's for a friend who paid for that product (indirectly, with the purchase of a computer for her daughter) but cannot find the disks due to bad management and a recent move across the Cascade Mountains.

You have seen in previous entries how a friend deposited a desktop machine and a notebook computer at my house last year, so that I may invoke the power of Saint Dogbert -- heal broken technology with the wave of my paw and rid them of their demons of stupidity. The upshot of that tale, I think I reported, was that the owners of these computers needed to provide me with the CDs that came with the machines, a feat they could not and still cannot seem to accomplish. (The happy announcement "I found it!" which was followed by disks of one software package, some printer drivers, and the notebook's how-to-use guide was a letdown for all.) In time my friend said she would purchase new disks, not realizing that both the older stable version and the newer flaky version have a list price of $200 for the base installs, more if you want the ones that have psychic powers over kitchen appliances. So she's out hunting for better prices on those packages. Meanwhile, I'm taking the more direct route and downloading them from disreputable sources. I have one computer fixed using a ready-to-rock stripped down version of the older stable package, and according to BitZip (which somehow went from a beautiful and detailed Torrent client to a video player that, psst, also downloads Torrents and does a great job of it yet has lost all its beauty and detailedness) I have about twelve more hours to get the stripped-down version of the "ultimate" new package. I was given an option by my friend, after she'd made a couple calls, of me ordering it and someone else paying for it later so she could go pick it up tomorrow... no, I'm pretty sure that you have to pay when you order, so that won't work.

In other computer news, I haven't ordered the battery for my notebook yet but will do that sometime soon. Not a pressing issue. I want to have the tax refund on the way before I do that, and I would have gone on H&R Block's site a week an a half ago to do that had my wife not said, "We got this email at work, saying the office had messed up on our W-2's..." So far as I know the matter has been resolved but it's not as though she checks her email or remembers to ask anyone (or finishes the half-gallon of milk that expires in a week before starting a new container) so I have no idea. I'll do the taxes when I remember to do it in a lull.

And speaking of email and family nuttiness... I think I have mentioned that my mother gave me some grief in her Christmas card about not being tight with my siblings and their families. I did follow through on my New Year's resolution to get a letter drafted to my sister and two brothers by February 1, added ink to the printer, and sent them out on Groundhog's Day. In it, I asked them to each send me an email telling me their point of view about Paige and I being a new and improved part of their lives... I did it like that because I don't have my brothers' email addresses (they both Facebook so they do have computers and email) and my sister doesn't read her email. I have not received a response at this moment from any of them, but it's still early; they've only had those letters for 3-4 days. I plan to write my mother an email on March 1 to tell her who said what (or didn't say "what?") and politely add that I did take her words about my connection to my nestmates and their families to heart afterall. Little to no presentation on their part about wanting to be connected means she will never be able to give me any further static on the subject for the rest of either of our lives.

I used to write such fascinating posts...

It bugs me when family members (who shall remain nameless - ALL three of them) open a new grocery item (carton of milk or whatever) before finishing the one that is already open.

You did a good thing by reaching out to your siblings. Their responses or lack thereof are out of your hands, but you did your part. Your mom SHOULD be pleased by what you did, and I think she will be, even if she doesn't show it.
My mother being pleased with me? That would be a first, but time will tell. I can say I got the message and I acted on it, that's all that matters. As for the other points she'd want me to act on, the ones regarding her... take what you can get.

My wife feels no shame about opening the new and leaving the old -- as in having to move the old out of the way to get to the new every time -- and that bugs me.



Nothing new here, I see.
Every time I think "I need to post an update", Jamie looks for one before I can.
Your mom sounds like she is hard to please. That is unfortunate, especially coming from a son who is at least making an effort. Hang in there. Reach out to her and your siblings, but only you can judge how much you should try and if it is worth it. Family is very important, but you can't make someone reciprocate care and love. I wish you well as you try to make better connections with them.

Please tell Paige that Jamie Dawn said not to open a new milk carton until the old one is used up or past the expiration date.
Jamie: Once again I really need to get off my duff and write... But I did get a response after two weeks from my brother (who sounded exactly like my mother, hmm) and it bugged me for a couple days.
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