Sunday, March 01, 2009

and wisdom to know the difference

1972, when we were still cuteHello, adoring public of my adorable public blog. There's only one item to offer, an update to last issue's story. A word of welcome to my seventh reader, my younger brother, who offers a word of greeting (by name!) to my second reader, Jamie. He wrote me back to clarify that he did indeed write the previous letter himself, and in this latest letter demonstrated further that his writing style is very much like that of our mother so I am convinced. He did show her the letter before responding, though, so it was not absolutely without influence. :) He also stated, pardon my lack of quoting, that what was said before was indeed the opinion he holds of me, and that he wishes to stay on the porch with our parents (yes, he phrased it in response to what I said here last week). There was more said but it's not germaine to the original issue; we did seem to agree on one thing, that I should [and do] praise God every day that I have never had children. And that as they say is that, his family and mine won't soon be having a weenie roast. I haven't heard anything from my youngest brother yet, and this email I got from my sister wasn't a reply -- it was a forwarded patriotic story making the rounds.

I had originally planned to send my mother an email on March 1 with a status report: who wrote, what they said, and who didn't respond. But I realized a week ago that word gets around so she already knows the score. What I was going to say in that letter was that due to something my mother had said in her Christmas card, I made a New Year's Resolution... and I kept it. I wanted her to know I found her advice to be correct and that I followed it. Good or bad, win or lose, come what may, I reached out to my three siblings and asked them for an opinion about reclaiming some lost ground. I couldn't rightly say whether my mother, in pointing out that I've been distant from my siblings and how this is hardly commendable, had any notion at the time of whether they agreed or disagreed with our distance, but I suppose she and I both know now. I didn't a month ago, for sure. Hey, I tried, so the subject should be off of the table now.

I'll write something more upbeat and stupid next time. The other things that come to mind right now, like getting positive feedback early from the eBay seller that will be sending me a replacement for the defective battery or how this homeopathic remedy for tinnitis is working, are fairly trivial and disorderly. And in looking back over the two posts for the month of February, I've said parts of this already (but as I learned at my last job, there are people who like it when you repeat what you said a couple inches downscreen because they're amazingly lazy). I just wanted to get this out in the open, say some hello's, and remind myself that I should accept the things I cannot change while finding courage to change the things I can.

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