Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a short pair of statements that aren't about computers

Hiya, party people. So let's see, what's worth reporting... First thing that comes to mind is the stupidity of this whole teabagging thing. I don't mean sticking one's testacles in someone's face, though there are creative uses for that mental image. I mean all these mock Boston Tea Party protests people are staging. I haven't been keeping up as to what kind of taxation without representation people are talking about, though suspect that the folks who were at the original party in 1773, protesting against huge corporate tax cuts for the British East India Company, might get a weird look on their faces and say "what are you people bitching about?" (or the 1770's equivalent) to the riled citizens. I'm just curious: Where do these people think the money to fund the things they are also concerned about comes from? Do these people have a better plan or know of some elected/running-for-office figure that can get the country out of an economic crisis without anyone having to inconvenience anyone or spend any money? Of course not. If you're not about the solution, you're about the precipitate.

I will be visiting my beloved Yakima Valley one day next week for something to do, weather permitting. (Those who don't live in Washington: maaan, it's been weird here lately. Hailstorms one day, 70's and sunny the next... It's confusing the hell out of the plant life.) In an odd twist, one of the people I was going to visit at his work will be coming to my house this weekend so the things I'd want to give or show him when I get there I will have already done so. :-D I'll be letting the folks on Facebook that are on the travelogue know what's up. In other visitation news, I had the opportunity to see the inside of a local craftsman-style home that's between owners and needs a few repairs (most noteably the wood floors need to be stripped, sanded, and refinished); it's an odd case because it's probably the oldest house in that neighborhood and has the most history and character -- the other older houses there are either small or run-down, and the rest of the houses are new and pretty yet pretty much without a soul, and someone put a stupid friggin' duplex (also vacant and run-down) in the lot between the house and the street. Here's a picture of the art-glass window as taken from the livingroom. The ones I took six weeks ago when last I was through there were shot through the side windows, doing it little justice.

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