Wednesday, July 29, 2009

your conscience is beyond suspicion

sunsetSo the place where my wife and I went for dinner tonight -- me sticking to a side salad since I'd already had two tacos a couple hours earlier (her request to go out to dinner when she got home from work came as a surprise), then a big slab of chocolate cake cuz life is short -- has a bar on the other end of the place and it's open mike night. There's a young man with a guitar singing like young men with guitars sound, a.k.a. bad Dave Matthews. And it wasn't until he got to the end of the song he was crooning like a young man with a guitar on open mike night that I figured out what it was:

"Hit Me Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears.

I was out of Pepsi or I would have done a spit-take.

Life is coasting merrily along, which is to say it's not particularly doing anything at all. I'm raising from some of my passing funks, there's nothing new to say about the yard except that the tomatoes and pumpkin are filling their cages, the sweet peas are climbing but the beans are still kinds scrawny, we've been eating the lettuce as it comes, and there are cute yellow flowers on the squashes which probably are more tasty to me than the veggies that these will be produce later. For the past year I've been doing a daily picture on Flickr under the title "Lyrical 365" because the photo is connected to song lyrics, and that ends in two days... I'm not starting a new daily series, which will be weird for me since it's forced me to push myself and try new things, but I think something in the ennui family inside of me has to be settled before I can start afresh and anew. Anyhow, that's a blog post, a week after the last one for once, so hasta yer pasta. The photo is from my front porch with almost no tweaking.

You seem to imply the possibility of good Dave Matthews...
Yeah, I know... doesn't exist.

Was funny a few months ago, a friend from the old 'hood invited me to see this show: he was in two bands of the three playing. So me and the crew from back home went to a lounge in Seattle to see the show. First set, great. Second set, great. Third set was this band he wasn't in and contained a violin and a kettle drum. Er... My group decided it was time to leave, we'd seen what we came for, and as we were passing by the window we noticed 3/4 of the crowd had left as well. The group was playing a Dave Matthews song.
I think you'd like my son's crooning... that is if you like heavy guitar and screaming vocals.

I'm glad life is going merrily along instead of excruciatingly badly for you. Funks do come and go. It's good if they don't last too long.
I could be in a funk if I let myself. We have our trial for our lawsuit the end of this month. It's a long time coming, and I hope to nail the sons of birches big time. Four lawsuits were filed against these lowlife con men. One of these days, I'll share more on my blog. For now... I must keep my funkiness in check as well as my anger.
My parents are coming in this weekend, so I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I love seeing photo below of those little plants doing so well in your nice planter boxes. I MUST do that some day!! They look terrific!
I liked that when I was his age. Then I realized most of what was being produced and marketed was crap so...

I look forward to you explaining the lawsuit against the scamming bastages, I seem not to know anything about this.

And the veggies are producing edibles, see my Flickr stream of late, so the boxes not only look good but the stuff its producing tastes good.
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